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From The Daily Beast to, Second City‘s viral video, “The Little Mermaid’s Advice for Young Girls” has been making the Internet rounds. In it, actress Danielle Uhlarik brings to our attention a slew of lessons that girls are taught while sopping up the Disney princess story.

I was about 7 when The Little Mermaid came out. I worshipped the water that Ariel swam in. I’d daydream and (much to my parents’ chagrin) sing about finding my own Prince Eric someday. So, it’s not too crazy to think that the animated pic had some influence on my a.) becoming a hopeless romantic, b.) exhibiting of pack rat tendencies and c.) acceptance—through most of my teens and into my early 20s—of the idea that to score your dream guy, you may have to compromise who you are. One saving grace: It’s highly doubtful that I could have passed off that whole “mute” thing. See more troubling (while smirk-inducing) Mermaid lessons below:

Seems like even if she was the most “headstrong” of Disney princesses, Ariel didn’t seem to have much in the way of positive self-esteem and body image (even if half of her “body” was actually scaled tail). Sadly, neither Hans Christian Andersen’s nor Disney’s leading fish-lady was much of a powerful heroine. Oh well, as far as sassy chicks from ’90s flicks go, I guess we’ll always have the manipulative, materialistic but ever-charming Cher Horowitz to look up to!

Do you think that Disney flicks screwed up your delicate little girl psyche?

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