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I had planned to write about how every so often, along comes a “fat day,”  or an “in a funk” day or a “why did I hit a traffic jam, then spill coffee all over my car and my dress, etc.” day… But what a downer would that be!? Especially as a first post to go with my shnazzy new look here at The Body Logic. I guess it’s just that this whole week so far has been quirky—emotionally, physically, mentally. A mini-storm of stress. But, on weeks like these, I try to think like my grandma Edith (I call her “E”), who celebrated her 90th birthday last week.

Grandma E & me on May 5, 2010


To get what I mean, you have to know a few things about E.

-She always looks at the bright side of any situation. In fact, she pretty much abhors stress and conflict. (Obviously, it’s impossible to steer clear of either, but if anyone is capable of minimizing it to the max, my grandmother is.)

-She’s also a social butterfly. It took me three nights in a row to get ahold of her to have a “happy birthday” chat. When she answered last night, I told her about my several attempts and she said, “Well, I must have been on the phone!” It’s true. My grandmother’s phone has been ringing off the hook all month long, because…

-She might be the most popular senior citizen in all of Southern Florida. She has as many friends and loving family members calling her as she does years on this planet. Probably more. And she has reminded me that this has a lot to do with her meticulous correspondence habits. She’s always been a strong supporter of Hallmark, stationery, returning phone calls and making plans with friends to play Mahjong or see a movie.

-And last but not least, she makes out-of-this-world matzo ball soup.

There’s no doubt that her optimistic outlook, outgoing personality (and potentially the soup) have supplied her with a youthful spark.

Around the time I turned 25, I started thinking that maybe instead of freaking out about nearing 30 (and some day 40, 50, etc.), I’d adopt a sunnier outlook on the passing years. They were only going to keep passing, after all. I thought, with each birthday, I’ll be wiser, more experienced, more able, evolved, etc. Growing older shouldn’t be something to fear, but to embrace and be proud of. My Grandma E has proved that it’s possible to just keep getting better.

Derek Hough & Nicole Scherzinger took the prize last night while Grandma E cheered them on (Photo via L.A. Times)


E and I had to hang up after talking for about 7 minutes, because she said, “I can’t believe you aren’t watching Dancing with the Stars! It’s the final, and there are three couples left. I have to see who wins! So, can we talk later?” Hahaha. Well, while I may not keep up with DWTS as faithfully as E, my parents have always referred to me as “Little Edith.” Even though she’s 4’10”-ish (a whole inch shorter than I am!), it’s clear that I certainly have big shoes to fill. I hope and aspire to be as buoyant as my grandmother…especially at 90 years old.

More buoyant news: My grandma, Rosalee (who I call Nonnie) turned 84 yesterday, so I’m wishing a very happy birthday to both of my grandmothers, who have taught me the reciprocal value of health and happiness. I love you so much.

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