Happy Friday! I’m having one of those “May I please just go lay around and read a fluffy rom-com-ish novel?” moments. Oh, rrrright, that’s because that’s what a summer weekend is all about! Also, the rom-com-ish novel I’m reading (Sweet Love by Sarah Strohmeyer) has me thinking about baking…and chocolate. Yes, yes, we know I like chocolate. But I’ve yet to explore my affinity for chocolate cake! You see, I have a mother who went through a phase (around 2003-2006, approximately) in which her ultimate goal was to discover, taste and analyze The Most Amazing Richest Out of this World Orgasmic Most Bestest Ever Chocolate Cake. My sister and I were her cohorts on this mission, and we scoured far and wide (mostly just yuppie restaurants in Greater Chicagoland and Southern Florida) for this fabled dessert. I can’t really put my finger on what, if any, chocolate cake made the cut during our quest… I just know that we ate a lot of dessert. And, to this day, a heavenly piece of chocolate cake is one of my favorite things. That’s why my eyes and taste buds perked up when I stumbled upon this “5 minute chocolate cake recipe” on Instructables.com. I often bake up a box of brownies, but psh, that takes more like 10 minutes of prep and then, you have to wait for them to bake in the oven for almost a HALF HOUR. Sheesh! That’s kind of a long time when you’re hankering for a moist, hot, baked chocolate good. (Drool…)

Anyway, in Sweet Love, the main character, Julie, takes a fancy dessert cooking class and learns how to make sweets like almond scented white chocolate sauce over mixed berries. As Mom would say, Oooh-fah! So you can imagine, reading about that had me itching to bake something decadent. But, as always, I had a calorie conundrum. Well, in Sweet Love, the French chef snaps at a woman who wants to substitute skim milk in one of his OMFG Recipes that in his native country, “Dessert is meant to be enjoyed in small portions.” Therein lies the beauty of this single serving chocolate cake recipe. I don’t think the fancy chef would approve of the 5-minute microwave method, but who cares? I like any foodie idea that saves me time. I think I’ll try it, and maybe you would like to, also…

Have a delicious weekend!

UPDATE (6/14/10): Upon experimentation this weekend, a friend and I concluded that this promising recipe is kind of…well, crap. Mine turned out dry, crumbly and bitter. Hers turned out bland and even by adding more sugar, she couldn’t get it to taste sweet whatsoever. And so the search for a quickie, killer chocolate cake recipe continues… In the meantime, if you’re interested in a chocolate chip cookie recipe, try this one from Weight Watchers. It’s my go-to for cookies, because they’re fast, chocolatey, and because they’re small, you get a lot of bang for your calorie (or Weight Watchers Points) buck. In fact, because I was so disappointed with the five minute chocolate cake, I baked a batch of these last night. They were delicious and cute, too.

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