Back to work after a not-long-enough but rejuvenating weekend… Activities included, but were not limited to: Shopping the Nordstrom Semi-Annual Sale and scoring some sweet deals on sunglasses and sundresses, enjoying some heavenly meals out, including a Thai dinner and a Hawaiian taco lunch by the shore, soaking up sunshine at the beach and boardwalk at Pier Village in Long Branch, NJ, hanging out with friends by a fire pit, drinking delicious pinot grigio with my boyfriend’s wino boss and his family, and even some organization (e.g. I finally got around to swapping out sweaters from my closet and replacing with my summer wardrobe!)

I loved seeing this starfish in a tank at a taco shop in Long Branch. Happy summer!


Neurotic confession time: After a long weekend, I always seem to wish that I had gotten more done. Maybe I could have blogged, or straightened up another area of our apartment, or worked on another aspect of my writing, or maybe finished reading a book? (I just started this one, actually.) But enjoying the company of loved ones and taking the time to relax is getting something done. It’s integral to wellness and peace of mind. And by the way, not exactly a bad way to get the summer started! I plan to continue to strive to strike that balance…prioritizing time-management and projects that I need to get done, of course, but also dismissing any feelings of guilt that crop up when I’ve slept in a bit longer than I planned, when I’m playing more than working, or when I’m actually feeling that elusive concept…carefree! Yes, sometimes, when I’m carefree, I think, “OMG, what am I forgetting to worry about right now?” What can I say? This may just be what living in fast-paced, workaholic Greater New York City does to a girl. haha

On a “Summer Resolution”-related note: It has been more than a month since The Body Logic hit the Web, and I’d love to know what you want to read about in the coming weeks. I have lots of ideas, but I’d really love to be providing the content that you’re going to benefit the most from. So, here’s a little poll that I hope you’ll participate in…

Feel free to leave additional comments on the poll or on this post!

Thanks so much! xo

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