Quick on the coattails of yesterday’s post, I must comment on a decadent discovery I just made…

Because it’s before noon, some might say it’s too early to talk about chocolate again. But that’s another mold I say we shatter to fudgy bits! I just have to say that this here limited addition ice cream looks incredible:

Hi, I'm (likely) worth the calories and fat. (Photo by Brad Thomas Parsons @SeriousEats.com)


Apparently, it’s only available at Super Walmarts for a limited time. Luckily, my parents live near a branch of the big box store in South Florida… So I just put in a special request (aka e-mail with subject line, “FLOURLESS CHOCOLATE CAKE ICE CREAM – OMG.“) for my mom to possibly pick up a pint of the stuff before Dan’s and my arrival on Saturday. (We’re going on vacation!!!) Truthfully, I rarely, if ever, treat myself to B&J’s ice cream, because I’m a big believer in being able to find delicious desserts that cost me far fewer fat grams and calories. But for Flourless Chocolate Cake ice cream… I’ll have to make a tablespoon or two exception. Hell-O, self-love on a spoon!  

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