Dear Chocolate,

Almost 3 p.m. It’s just about that time right now. I mean, the time when we usually rendezvous… You: creamy and dark. Me: tired, occasionally stressed out or just bored. I look forward to our encounters even more so when it’s rainy, gloomy and chilly outside. Or when I’m about one week off from “riding the crimson wave,” as one Cher Horowitz once described it. I’ve been warned by conventional weight loss wisdom, magazines and celebrity nutritionists about meeting you this way. They all say that because you’re sugary and fattening, you’ll probably lead me down a slippery slope. And that’s not really gonna help me on my quest for optimal health. They say I’m supposed to stand up to you, have some will power! I should tell you that we can’t keep meeting like this. That maybe the very occasional, planned meeting is OK. But no one ever advocates that we see one another on a regular basis. Because that would probably a bad idea, right?

I'm Maressa's flavor of the week. I also come complete with 5 grams of filling fiber per 1.2 oz.! (Photo via


Well, screw those naysayers! I assert that I can have a daily dose of you. We can make it work… That’s because a little of you goes a long way. The thing is, as much as my boyfriend chides me for being addicted to you (he’s not jealous or anything, don’t worry—he knows I love him more than you…), I will never give you up. Why? Because you = pure pleasure. And life is too short, too boring sometimes, too challenging other times or confusing or harrowing to utterly dismiss pleasure. I hear that some people don’t eat “white foods” or others give up sugar, but it’s OK, because after awhile, you don’t even crave it anymore. They need to be thrown into a vat of you. What the hell is the point of living if you’re going to eliminate something so blissful? (I know, I sound like a Dove chocolate commercial.) Chocolate, you don’t mean any harm. In fact, you even do your part to stave off disease. Sure, sometimes you bring your friend, Partially Hydrogenated Oils or Trans-Fats to the party, but I probably won’t hang out with you then. I like you as pure as possible when we’re one-on-one. Despite your bad boy rep, I know that seeing you on a daily basis actually helps me love myself and my body a little more. I’m not going to say, “Ooh, I’ve been so bad” after enjoying my time with you. Because I haven’t! I’ve been good.

Photo credit: Donna Grayson (Flickr)


Chocolate, you and I need to band together to let other ladies know that they’re not “bad” for enjoying you. They’re human. They’re normal. As long as they aren’t having trysts with 300 calories of you a day, they’re probably going to be perfectly healthy. In fact, even better off than they were before, because they’ll be indulging in more than dessert—they’re treating themselves to much-needed self-love*. (* = Disclaimer: It’s true. A harmonious relationship with food a.k.a. nourishment—even the decadent kind, in moderation—lends itself to self-love and acceptance. That’s just some more Body Logic for ya… Stay tuned, as there’s much more to say on this!)

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