I think they timed this news to sync up perfectly with the launch of my blog! A new study done by researchers out of Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah found that all women, even those who are seemingly “well-adjusted,” are concerned with getting fat. Neuroscientist and researcher, Mark Allen’s advice: “If the brain response is so strong in these apparently healthy women, maybe most of us could use a little dose of what it is that you go through in an eating disorder therapy.”

Silly scale, stop telling me how to run my life! (Photo via PleaseEnjoy.com)

Uhm…I don’t know if we need to take it that far. Maybe just a little more self-love and acceptance would work. (Oh, and reading my blog.) I’m pleased that research dollars are being spent on studying body image, but this guy Allen acts like women feeling bad about themselves or being afraid of fat is something new. Like we as women aren’t constantly bombarded with images or messages that a.) make us fear the prospect of fat and b.) equate fat with lowered self-worth. To bring the findings into perspective, a Psychology Today article explains, “How a woman feels about her body touches every aspect of her life…it affects what we believe is possible for us, our confidence, our self-worth and our willingness to take risks.”

Well, DUH.

We just all need to take comfort in the words of the great Margaret Cho (who I deeply admire for her big, loud and proud ways): “In our culture, we don’t see people out there with normal-looking bodies. We should all feel beautiful. If you feel beautiful, you will be more political, more active in trying to stand up for yourself, you’ll be in more control of your life, have more sense of power over what you’re doing.”

So, what are you going to do to fight silly fear tactics and feel beautiful this weekend? (I’m going to weigh in for the month at Weight Watchers, and regardless of the number, enjoy picking up a cute new pair of Vigoss jeans that I had specially hemmed for my short—and beautiful!—legs.)
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